James Foods, Inc. is a multi-faceted food manufacturer based in Graham, NC specializing in a full line of foodservice and retail frozen gourmet entreés and desserts, including Chicken Pies, Lasagnas, Pasta dishes, Casseroles, and cobblers. All products are frozen and ready to cook. Each is made using premium ingredients with good old fashioned homemade taste. Our high-end retail packaging, James Foods Caterer’s Select, is sold at multiple grocery stores.  Home delivery and foodservice packing is also available under the James Foods Label.

James Foods Production Team

We are a Federal USDA inspected poultry and meat plant. With a 50,000 square foot facility, our company is looking to expand into new regions of the country.
With the capability to deliver nationwide, we are able to service grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants, as well as food distributors.

James Foods Facility