Gourmet Caterer's Select Frozen Entrees

Fresh Ingredients

At James Foods, we use the finest, freshest ingredients so you can be sure your family is getting a healthy, hearty meal, just the way your mother would have prepared it! Simply compare the ingredients on the back of the box with those of our competitors to see the difference. With our foods, you’ll find no fillers or artificial flavorings. Plus, you certainly won’t find a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce.  We use real ingredients to make real food.

Special Offer!

Pot Pie and Pumpkin


Get our 2.5 pound Chicken Pot Pie and a 1.6 pound Homemade Pumpkin Pie for only 19.95! You get two pies for only 19.95! We’re happy to bring this offer to you for the November Holidays!

Shelf Stable Packaged Meals

Depend on us

James Foods is proud to provide dependable, shelf stable meals for emergencies, senior programs, food banks, backpack programs, municipalities and other programs.  We currently offer 5, 7 and 10 meal cases.  We are happy to customize our products to fit your individual needs.

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Hand Crafted

All of our products are made by hand by people who care. From hand-rolled pie crusts to fresh, premium hand-cut chicken all by people who are committed to upholding the quality you expect. At James Foods, we continually strive to bring you meals and desserts that the whole family will be sure to love.

Traditional Goodness

All our recipes were developed by Tim James, the CEO, for his catering business.  His goal was to make something wholesome and delicious that was better than homemade – full of old fashioned goodness.  We still use those same recipes today to produce our gourmet meals and desserts. With James Foods Caterer’s Select Meals, you can always expect superb quality.

FOX8 Chef Test Winner

James Foods Chicken Pot Pie was recently put to FOX8’s Chef Test and beat out the competition by a landslide! The panel of judges comprised some of the top chefs from the piedmont in North Carolina and are well versed in Southern Cooking and its many traditions and tastes.  Comments were made on the large amounts of hand-cut chicken in James Food’s pie compared to the other brands. Also noted was the flaky crust.  One chef stated that it was like something they would make in their own kitchens!